Three Small Portfolios

Welcome, thanks for viewing some examples of my work. I design, combine and repair things for companies both large and small. I have been fortunate to work on many cool projects with some brilliant folks.


System Integration + IT Portfolio:  Media and IT systems integration (recording studios and broadcast facilities). Design documentation. Pro media production apps, all Apple hw and sw.

Advertising + Graphic Design Portfolio: Brand development, advertising, marketing. Graphic design, including logo design, general collateral design, and web development.

Music-making Portfolio: Composition, production and performance in the styles of rock, electronic, funk, hip-hop, orchestral. Multi-instrumentalist with a focus on guitar, vocals, turntables, and synthesizers.



Systems Integration

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Systems Integration & IT Resume

  • Systems & IT
  • +System Docs
  • +Broadcast
  • +Recording Studios
Experienced systems integrator and technician

System Design Engineer with strong multi-disciplinary background 

  1. IT in the broadcast & financial services industry.
  2. Industrial and interior architectural design.
  3. Audio engineering and media production.
  4. Client management and support.
  • Designs IT-based systems of digital and analog audio, video and control, integrated with networked workstations and user-facing software applications. Can design, install, manage, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair complex A/V/IT systems from multi-site, facility-wide down to the component level.
  • Fluent in component setups, system signal flow, and system documentation. Can read electronic schematics, review and mark up technical drawings and specifications, and interpret or create technical diagrams.
  • Familiar with various audio, video and data formats and standards. Experienced in cable fabrication for broadcast and A/V systems, including installation of audio, video and data cables in equipment racks, closets and cable management systems.
  • I excel in the high-profile, high-pressure environments of broadcast, financial services, and pro audio. Skilled communicator who can interface with executives, management, or users.
Broadcast and Commercial Systems Integration
System Design Engineer and Manager
OS and Application Support
Web Development and Account Management
Advertising Account Management and Media Production

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Documentation for Integrated Systems

Have developed and maintained system documents in the Broadcast, Audio Production and A/V Integration industries since 1995.

  • Design to spec (or collaborate with or support other design engineers) at most levels of electronic systems detail, from facility architectural drawings down to individual conductors.
  • System content: Audio & video (digital & analog), IT, control, phone systems, digital microwave, networks, digital storage & delivery systems, media production sw, Apple hw & sw, Mac & iOS integration.
  • Provide detailed wire-by-wire interconnect tables to installation team.
  • Create system function diagrams describing the range of systems above for integration use or as deliverable.
  • Can read electronic schematics (some experience in circuit design).
  • Some experience with technical drawing for custom fabrication.
Supporting the lead design engineer & other team designers
  • Intermediary between the lead design engineer and installation teams, finishing out functional or installation details as required, and designing sub-systems or modifications as directed by Design Lead.
  • Provide documentation support for our company’s designers, including integration of their system or sub-system designs into our master reference doc set.
Creating/maintaining documentation versions…

to support sales, installation, management, & the completed installation.

  • Create detailed interconnect tables for installation teams and managers.
  • Create simplified system diagrams illustrating scope of work to support efforts of our sales staff (essential system function plus overlays of additional available functionality to satisfy the client’s value requirements)
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Broadcast Facility Integration

As Integration Manager, my three primary roles were:

  1. Design sub-systems to spec, meeting the requirements of the master facility plan.
  2. Translate the master plan and my associated sub-system designs into installation documents, diagrams, and punch lists for the installation teams. This includes specification, explanation, and system review with the installers, tracking the installation progress of each system with the framework of the main project timeline and adapting the various designs to any new requirements, such as a change in client needs or a conflict with other elements of the installation.
  3. Create and maintain a master system document set, which tracked the source and destination of each interconnect in the facility – primarily analog audio, but also control, digital audio, multiple computer networks, video, satellite, digital microwave, etc. (example: The Entercom Portland facility consolidation project, spanning 10 months and comprised eventually of 7 radio stations & 18 studio rooms, was the pinnacle of documentation grooviness.)

On larger facility builds, those three responsibilities took up all of my time, but on projects with only several studios, I would join our installers and run cable, prep ends for connectors, rack-mount, configure and op-check equipment, and assist in assembling furniture.

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Studio Design & Installation
Project Management
  • Manage on-site installation teams, ensuring functional milestones are met, and resolve any issues arising outside team’s scope.
  • Track budgets, purchase materials, & maintain inventory. Receive & stage studio, etc. equipment in support of installation team.
  • Work with installers to complete systems to specifications.
  • Orchestrate our integration plans with concurrent facility improvement efforts by other contractors, during large scale installations.
Process: Design Phase
  • Establish scope of work with client (system function, budget & schedule), collaborating with project architects, acoustical engineers and contractors as required. Consult client on platform & device selection.
  • Room layout & furniture placement, rack elevation drawings. (some experience with room acoustic design & lighting design.)
General Studio System Design
  • Complete functional device and interconnect design, including technical drawings indicating placement of all I/O (cabling, jacks, plugs, panels, racks, devices, etc.).
  • Interconnects: All room cabling from & from rack-mount, furniture-integrated, or free-standing devices, and all studio trunk cables and any other intra-room cabling.
  • Signal routing includes analog & digital audio, MIDI & USB for control, DAW storage (NAS, USB 3, Thunderbolt 2, etc.), video and AC & DC power.
  • Control Room: Configure mixing consoles, racks, and studio furniture. Configure patchbays, jack panels, and monitor systems.
  • Vocal booths, drum rooms, live rooms, etc.
Process: Installation Phase
  • Create interconnect tables for installation team.
  • Run cable, solder, prep ends, assemble connectors and dress cables with proper service loops.
  • Rack-mount equipment, wall-mount equipment, assemble furniture & racks. Experienced in minor remodeling, including framing, drywall, & electrical.
  • Clean, prep & finalize installation, program hardware & software devices and op-check systems.
Digital Audio Workstation Setup
  • Computer configuration, installation & setup of hardware, software, storage. Setup of manual or automatic backup procedures.
  • Integration of DAW with external sources. Console & mix controller integration and mix automation setup.
  • MIDI control & virtualization of external electronic instruments & processing.
  • Note: Installed my first Pro Tools system in 1995, am skilled in Logic Pro X usage, a Logic user since 1997.
  • Catalog detailed inventory data, including serial numbers, authorization codes, and hardware & software versions.
  • Provide studio device & interconnect documentation (hard & soft copy), including signal flow diagrams, complete interconnect tables, rack elevation drawings, etc.
  • Labeling for cables, jack panels, devices, etc.
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Excel Proficient
Marketing Expert
Advertising Expert
Wi-Fi Proficient

Advertising Design

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